Our Program Partners

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Animal Adventures

Way Cooler Than a Zoo

Animal Adventures is New England's largest privately-owned animal rescue center of its kind. We started as an exotic animal rescue center and expanded into a family operated small zoo. We take in hundreds of unwanted or unable to be cared for animals each year, some of which we are able to re-home and some of which will live with us for the rest of their lives. We are open to the public for visiting, tours, classes, and events. 

We bring Animal Adventures' interactive presentations to our Wicked Cool Vet School summer programs.

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Curious Creatures

The New England original 

Curious Creatures offers interactive, educational live animal programs for kids and adults. Our staff of professional exhibitors teach respect and appreciation for exotic and unusual animals.

We bring Curious Creatures' interactive animal presentations to our Wicked Cool Vet School summer programs.

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Diverse Abilities Inclusion Consulting

MERGE Diverse Abilities Inclusion Consulting provides expert guidance on inclusion of persons with diverse abilities. Through training and direction on implementing preventative strategies, instructors are provided with the tools and resources to be inclusive in their practice to welcome, engage and support children with diverse abilities to be successful in WCFK offerings. Recommended inclusion strategies include using Visual Schedules, Daily Expectation List, and Transition Countdown tools, as well as adopting practices around using positive language, modifications, being aware of sensory needs and facilitating social interactions. 

These inclusion strategies are beneficial to children with Autism, developmental, intellectual or sensory related disabilities, but are recommended to be used for all participants of Wicked Cool For Kids offerings to create a fully inclusive culture. 

We are proud to partner with MERGE consulting to provide inclusion training & resources to our staff.


Nashoba Learning Group

Providing help for those with autism -- and hope for their families.

Nashoba Learning Group's mission is to enable children and adults with autism to function with the greatest possible productivity and independence in the community, home, and workplace throughout their lives.

We work with students at NLG who strengthen their vocational skills by providing assistance in our warehouse. 

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Rainforest Reptile Shows

Educating About the Natural World to Improve the Quality of Our Lives

Rainforest Reptile Shows is the leading animal presenter in the northeastern United States. The Rainforest Team provides fun, interactive, custom-tailored programs featuring live animals from around the world. Each program contains detailed information about the animals including their habitats, defense mechanisms, and natural diets.

We bring Rainforest Reptile Shows' interactive animal presentations to our Wicked Cool Vet School summer programs.


South Shore Natural Science Center

Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.

The South Shore Natural Science Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about the natural and cultural environments of the South Shore. Our mission is to provide natural science experiences that educate, excite, and commit every generation to preserve the environment and to encourage responsible use, stewardship, and enjoyment of our natural resources.

We bring SSNSC's interactive animal presentations to our Wicked Cool Vet School summer programs.


Southern Vermont Natural History Museum

Education and Conservation through exposure to the Natural World

The Southern Vermont Natural History Museum fosters an interest in nature, the environment, and the natural sciences through exhibition and educational activities. Our Museum Education programs use live animals, outdoor exploration, artifacts, audio visual components, and hands-on activities to bring science and nature alive!

We bring the Vermont Museum's interactive animal presentations to our Wicked Cool Vet School summer programs.


Triangle, Inc.

Ability, Not Disability

Through support, challenge, and opportunity, Triangle, Inc. empowers people with disabilities and their families to enjoy rich, fulfilling lives. We are committed to helping the world realize that we are all people with ability.

We work with Triangle, Inc. to provide employment opportunities and help people achieve their career goals.

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Wildlife Encounters

Animals, People and Earth

The Wildlife Encounters Ecology Center & Farm School is a family & employee-run, community-focused educational organization. We believe that public education, and a resulting change in human and societal behaviors and practices, are key to the objective of living environmentally and personally responsible lives that will help conserve and protect global biodiversity. Our current Rochester, NH facilities, featuring indoor and outdoor habitats, continues to support our Ambassador Animals and outreach educational services.

We bring Wildlife Encounters' interactive animal presentations to our Wicked Cool Vet School summer programs.