April featured teacher: Amy!

Meet Amy Flaherty, our April Featured Teacher!

Tell us a little about yourself!I am a project based artist living in Somerville. My work investigates the purpose of nostalgia and memory in developing identity. I am also experimenting with microcontrollers and electronic textiles into my artwork. I graduated from SMFA and Tufts University with my Masters in Fine Arts and from Skidmore College with a Bachelors in Fine Art. I was awarded four artist residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Elsewhere, Cabin-time, and the Contemporary Artist Center at Woodside.

I also have been playing classical guitar for over 20 years. I played in master classes for Jason Vieaux, Jorge Caballero, and Mark Delpriora and have performed in a sixty person guitar orchestra with the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. I am currently playing Variations sur Folia de Espana et Fugue by Manuel Maria Ponce.

If you want to see my artwork or hear some Bach on guitar visit my website: www.amyflaherty.com

What’s your favorite experiment?It has to be the ping pong Ball cannon. It is an opportunity for me to lead discussions about mechanics a while the kids assemble a neat laser cut wooden cannon. My students have a lot of fun learning how to aim and fire the ping pong ball at a target.

I <3 WCFK because......I teach my students how to do activities they don’t normally get to do. Students experiment and discover by making something with their own hands. I enjoy seeing the kids grasping a chemistry or physics concept for themselves through their experience.

science teacher
Amy, our April featured teacher

You have been chosen to terraform Mars! What three books do you take (for fun or otherwise)?

  1. A photo Album - This is pretty much a given as a sentimental and nostalgic person.

  2. Raspberry Pi User Guide by Eben Upton and Gareth Halfacree - I am trying to learn more about microcontrollers and electronics. I think the Raspberry Pi would come in handy on Mars. I could make little robots or set up an internet server on Mars!

  3. The Oryx and Crake Series by Margaret Atwood - picking just one novel is a hard one. This series is so imaginative and interesting. I think I would enjoy trying to draw her written inventions to pass the time.