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Summer Programs by Topic

Dig Big!

Paleontologist? Geologist? Archeologist? You’ll dig our biggest “in the dirt” week yet.

LEGO BricQ Motion

LEGO BricQ Motion is an exploration of forces and motion through investigations.

LEGO Engineering

What LEGO challenges do kids love? Our LEGO Engineering program includes STEM-based challenges and free-building.

LEGO We Do 2.0 Robotics

Learn to program free roaming LEGO robots and make science come to life. Watch your engineering skills grow from design to action.

Minecraft Mania

Minecraft Mania is a blend of virtual learning and companion, hands-on activities that explore science and engineering using the Minecraft game.

Minecraft Mania 2: The Sequel

The Mania continues! Explore and build worlds that have been customized for Wicked Cool learning activities on a private educational server.

Rocket Science '22

Rocket Science ’22 features the all time favorite -customizable E2X model rocket.

Wicked Cool Science

How did you do that? Solve awesome science mysteries by becoming a super science sleuth!

Wild World Safari

Explore the wacky world of nature. Take a look at some of your favorite wild animals and determine if they are predators or prey.

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