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School Year Programs

Our exciting array of school year programs are designed to extend learning beyond the school day and are perfect for online or onsite options. 

We partner with schools, PTOs, recreation departments, homeschool organizations and other community-based organizations to provide fun and safe educational opportunities. Programs typically meet directly after school for one hour over 6 weeks.  Classes challenge and entertain kids with educationally productive activities which combine instruction and fun. 

Looking to book a program? Contact our Program Coordinator, Amanda Pang

School Year Programs 2022- 2023



Enchanted Science

Are you under the spell of Encanto? Take a look at this enchanted family through the eyes of science.  Experiment with senses (can you hear a pin drop?) and examine creatures who seem like they can shape shift!  Study the magical way plants use energy from the sun to grow.  We’ll look at super strength and the power of the weather but we won’t talk about Bruno. 

Motion Commotion

Investigate physics and learn how things move!  We’ll use Newton’s laws to create balloon-rocket cars and a balance toy.  Design a zany zip line to take an alien on a thrilling ride, and create optical illusions with spinning tops.  Engineer a path (with math) to move a marble down a run. Construct a craft stick catapult to launch koosh balls in the air.

Engineering & Electricity

Wicked Cool Engineers will learn about the engineering and design process to build a sail car that rides the wind.  Design a system to protect a passenger from flying out of a car when it crashes and take the Wicked Cool survivor engineering challenge. Build basic circuits and experiment with insulators and conductors as we shift our focus to electricity. 

Make a holiday light circuit and experiment with LED mini lights.


Superhero Science

What makes a superhero super? Physics! Conduct gravity experiments to learn what it would take for Superman to leap over tall buildings in a single bound. Create optical illusions to understand how Wonder Woman’s jet can disappear. Investigate how Spiderman (and real spiders) can walk up walls. Examine Batman’s super gadgets and morph into the world of superheroes using the science that could make superheroes a reality.  

LEGO ages 5-7

LEGO Engineering Junior

LEGO Engineering Junior is a 6-week program designed specially for kids in grades K-1.The activities promote teamwork and critical thinking skills as kids investigate basic engineering concepts using DUPLOs. Perfect for the young builder with tiny hands to build a seesaw, vehicle, and spinning top and other fun working mechanisms.  


LEGO Engineering Junior Imagineers

A Wicked Cool For Kids exclusive! Using LEGO Duplos, we will listen to stories based on popular fairy tales. Using the engineering design process, we will then create solutions to help solve their hero’s problems using simple machines. Help LEGO Sam and Sara create Rapunzel’s tower and a pulley system to lift her lunch! Prince Charming’s buggy is busted - can Sam and Sara build a Charming Car to carry the Prince’s blocks and save the day? This program will emphasize creativity, cooperation, engineering, math and literacy skills.  


LEGO Junior Builders

This introductory K-1 LEGO set allows learning through creativity and constructionism using standard sized LEGO bricks, plates, and minifigures. Activities focus on cross-curricular learning through design, building, and classification. Earn your builder’s license to construct  a bridge, build a wheelchair, and create a machine that you invent. Use language skills to set a scene and build with sounds. 


LEGO Junior Builders STEM

This program continues with LEGO Learn to Learn curriculum and focuses on STEM based activities, critical thinking, and problem solving. Make your own math game, build symmetrical designs, and learn about simple machines by building a lever. Design structures, animals, and communities in collaborative and educational challenges.


LEGO Ages 7+


LEGO BricQ Motion 1

Lego BricQ Motion is an exploration of forces and motion through investigations. We will determine whether design solutions work as intended by testing  and then engineering a change in the speed or direction of an object with a push or a pull.  Create an obstacle course for a dog and compete in the LEGO Olympics in a relay race, bobsled competition and hockey game.  


LEGO BricQ Motion 2

Continue the brick building action as we connect to a scientific question or an engineering problem, establish a line of inquiry, and consider possible solutions. From here, create solutions for LEGO minifigures to join a dance party, walk a tightrope, become a weightlifter and race a car.  Fun collaborative building with a STEAM focus!


Intro to LEGO We Do 2.0

Learn to program free roaming LEGO robots and “make  science come to life” as we  see science ideas  grow from design to action. Get in gear with LEGO’s NEW updated IPad based software to build and  program,  Milo the Science Rover and other fun untethered robots. Apply robots to solve real world problems by  creating  an earthquake -shake table to test house designs,  and a bot to sort and recycle items. 


LEGO WeDo 2.0 Masters

Design your own specialized bots that use sensors to explore an imaginary planet or create a safe wildlife crossing on earth. Tackle open ended programming and building projects to explore space and build a canal to prevent flooding, and to clean the oceans.

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