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Summer Programs

AM only or full day programs


Rocket Science ’23  Features the all time favorite -customizable E2X model rocket. Keep a Captain’s Log as you investigate what’s inside the rocky planets and gas giants. Map distant constellations, create glittering moon rocks, and make galaxy slime as part of your out-of-this-world lunar  journey. Blast off with a solid fuel high flying launch at the end of the week (weather permitting). Stay a  full  day to terraform a Mars colony and investigate how NASA’s DART mission is learning to redirect asteroids in space! Grades K-5


Wicked Cool Med School Is there a doctor in the house? Follow the progress of your own “patient” all week as we journey into the inner workings of the human body. Keep medical charts and become an anatomy specialist while learning the body systems. Create a “slime” cell, big bones, moving joints, and 3-D eyeballs. Learn to use a stethoscope, take vitals signs, and investigate digestion!  Make it a full day!  Create model mucus, extract DNA and experiment with senses. Grades K-5


STEAM Studio Join the STEAM movement: where science, technology, engineering and math collide with art! Construct kinetic wind-powered sculptures, kaleidoscopes, and crystal solutions. Make squishy dough circuits to wire your own light-up creation and build a hydroponic garden. Get messy with colors, chemicals and creations to create cool rainbow slime, density tubes and sparkling salt crystals.  Make it a full day and construct a binary code key chain, 3-D nature boxes and things that glow in the dark. Grades K-5


LEGO BricQ Motion is an exploration of forces and motion by testing design solutions. Kids modify their designs to get the optimum pull or push needed. Engineer a change in the speed or direction of an object with a push or a pull.  Create an obstacle course for a dog, build a spring launcher for a race car derby and make a Minifigure dance party.  For a full day of fun, continue the challenges with LEGO Engineering Olympics as we compete in track and field, bobsled and weight lifting fun. Grades 1-5


LEGO Engineering  What LEGO challenges do kids love?  Our LEGO Engineering program includes STEM-based challenges and free-building challenges.  We will build mechanisms that incorporate gears, flywheels, and cams to build amazing contraptions. We’ll crank up the fun using creativity to build with LEGOs in problem solving challenges. Kids design a spinning eggbeater and create a car to carry LEGO bricks.  Make it a full day! Merge LEGOs with machine power to create a power car, dragster, and dog bot! Grades 1-5

Full day only 


Dungeons, Dragons and Discoveries  Do you love the Stranger Things in life? Welcome to the Isle of Summersvale where you will create your own exclusive tabletop version of the board game, develop your character and become a Dungeon Master.  Bring the adventure to life as we do real experiments, create potions, build a throne and make model monsters.  Fulfill the prophecy of adventure with this week of gaming and science discovery fun. Become the master of your own realm! Grades 2-5


Minecraft Mania Minecraft Mania is a blend of virtual learning and companion, hands-on activities that explore science and engineering using the Minecraft game. Minecraft Mania supports kids working in groups and uses a private local server.  Kids use an interactive avatar to investigate a game-based educational environment. Engage in computer and real world activities covering geology, engineering, physics, and biology. Learn about the properties of rocks and minerals and take home your own rock collection. Apply your skills to build skyscrapers and simple machines and plant your own crops in fun experiential trials. Grades 2-5


Minecraft Masters Explore and build worlds that have been customized for Wicked Cool learning activities on a private educational server.  Construct complex Minecraft villages and map out a hands-on model community, built with real world materials.  Learn the secrets of Minecraft to forge unique tools, discover the awesome power of redstone, and create automated factories to supply your empire.  Design light-up circuits and simple machines inspired by Minecraft redstone and engineering. Grades 2-5

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