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Summer Programs

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New for summer '24!

Dinos Vs. Robots (full or half day):

Dinosaurs or robots?  Which is your favorite?  Join us for this dinos and robots only battle to see which one wins out!  Start with robots to communicate in code, learn about circuits and electricity then design your own ultimate working robot to take home.  Next, we’ll look at the mighty Mesozoic era and the dinosaurs who ruled the earth.  Go back in time to inspect real fossils and find out how dinos got their names.


Rocket Science '24, (full or half day)

All-new Rocket Science is a blast for any junior rocketeer! Rocket Scientists will learn about propulsion by building compressed air rockets, solid fuel rockets and rockets that blast off via chemical reaction! As aerospace engineers, we will travel to infinity and beyond while learning the laws of aerodynamics and flight. For a fantastic finish, we will launch our own customized Estes Rocket on Friday (weather permitting). 


Wicked Cool Vet School (full or half day)

Do you dream of becoming a veterinarian? Grab your lab coat,  animal lovers, as we learn about our  favorite furry, flying and fishy friends!  Make amazing animal models, build big bones and investigate animal intestines from our favorite vertebrates: birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Dissect an owl pellet to discover a predator’s diet. Try your hand at at catching some invertebrates as we study insect exoskeletons and get into tiny worlds to look at animal cells and parasites


Gadgets & Contraptions (full or half day)

Design, build, and experiment with classic moving gadgets and investigate how they work. Tinker with tops and construct zany ziplines. Create cars that move with magnets. Conquer kinetic energy with wind-ups and rubber band-powered playthings.  Build a Rube Goldberg machine and engineer extraordinary buildings. 


Wicked Cool Science (full or half day)

These kid-approved top STEAM experiments are sure to be a hit with any junior scientist. Grow giant glowing cubes, concoct crazy chemical reactions, make glow sticks glow brighter and delight your friends with science magic. Make an array of colorful slime and create a mini volcano to erupt.  

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