Vacation Programs

February 2020

Earth, Space & Sea

Take a look at our big blue planet and beyond! Look deep into space and train like an astronaut, learn about the constellations and build air powered space shuttles to exit the atmosphere. Next return to earth to analyze the makeup of the planet’s surface and earth’s extremes like earthquakes and erupting volcanoes.  Then, we’ll dive down deep into the ocean to make cartesian divers, explore like ocean engineers to stop an oil spill, and investigate ocean invertebrates.


April 2020

Engineering & Electricity

Wicked Cool Engineers will be put to the task of building things that move.We’ll learn about the engineering and design process to build balloon powered cars, hovercrafts and aerodynamic flyers.  Design a system to protect a passenger from flying out of a car when it crashes! We’ll also examine the science of how things move by looking at Newton’s laws of motion. Kids will also build basic circuits and experiment with insulators and conductors as we shift our focus to electricity. Each day we’ll build new projects using the SNAP circuit system, integrating switches, bulbs and other components for an electrifying time.

Space is limited.

School vacation weeks are a terrific time for out-of-school learning while having tons of fun! Our vacation programs offer the perfect solution to keep kids engaged and happy. Each winter and spring we add a variety of new science and technology options.

February Vacation
April Vacation

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