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Is a Wicked Cool Summer Program right for your child?

Below are several questions that can be helpful to ask when evaluating the right fit for your child in a summer program.

  1. What’s the program’s philosophy?

  2. How does the program recruit, screen and train its staff?

  3. What about return rates?

  4. What’s the ratio of teachers to kids?

  5. How old are the teachers?

  6. What is the program’s approach to discipline and how does the program handle conflicts between kids?

  7. What does a typical daily schedule look like?

  8. Will the program be transporting the children?

Doctors-in-training on break

Q: What’s the philosophy of Wicked Cool for Kids programs?

We base our programs on three fundamental principles – Learning, Fun and Safety.  Our staff are encouraged to be kid-centered rather than curriculum centered so that kids are always stimulated and on task at their own level and pace. Our model of instruction is based on this activity-based, fun atmosphere.

Q: How does Wicked Cool for Kids screen and train its staff?

All employees undergo a two-part interview process and are trained & background-checked before they are in contact with kids.

Q: What about our staff return rates?

Nearly all year-year staff attrition is due to relocation, illness, or schedule changes. Most staff return every year for several weeks.

Q: What’s the ratio of teachers to kids for summer programs?

There are always at least two staff members on site. When enrollment surpasses 20, we add more staff.

Q: How old is a Wicked Cool teacher?

4 out of 5 staff members are adults in the education profession or students majoring in education.

Q: What is the Wicked Cool for Kids approach to discipline and how does the program handle conflicts between kids?

We work with a range of behaviors in our programs. Most kids respond to the ignore, re-direct, correct progression. Our staff believe that every day is a clean slate for every child.

Q: What does a typical summer daily schedule look like at Wicked Cool for Kids?

The first 30 minutes we have social games then transition into the first focused activity. Then there’s snack & bathroom break and maybe some outdoor time. The we have another hour-plus of focused activity and lunch time which is outside play time. The afternoon follows a similar pattern.

Q: Transportation

We don’t transport children, although we might walk to a nearby playground or open space.



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