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May featured teacher: Lyda!

Meet Lyda, our May Featured Teacher!

Tell us a little about yourself!I have lived in Massachusetts for 53 years and have been in the field of teaching the entire time. I hold a Masters of Education and 57 credits toward a Ph.D. My certification and most of my years of work have been with the lower grades in the Boston Public Schools. I am a Chapter I & Title I Reading Teacher, Diagnostic Reading Teacher, and certified Science and Math Specialist. I was in charge of projects like planting a garden and fruit trees at my school and wrote an article for the Harvard Gazette in 1974, “Kitchen Biology in the Classroom”. My class’s work was published twice in the Sunday Boston Globe Fun Pages: ”Fishing for Facts” on October 23,1983 and “A Scientist and His Discoveries” on October 13, 1985. One of my favorite moments from my teaching career was when my class was recorded for the PBS Children Department for a segment called “How to Care for a Rabbit”.

After 35 years I retired from the Boston Public Schools and worked 16 years at the Museum of Science. There I met one of the owners of WCFK, Barb Johnson, and became one of the founding staff members in 2007. I have also written two unpublished books for kids.

What’s your favorite experiment?My favorite experiment is the catapult! The lesson includes many subject areas including language arts, math, science, history, and geography.

I <3 WCFK because…All of the projects are exciting and hands-on and explore science, math, and engineering concepts. The kids and parents are always excited!

teacher, science
Lyda, our May featured teacher!

You have been chosen to terraform Mars! What three books do you take (for fun or otherwise)?I will bring the King James version of the Bible to continue to improve my spiritual growth. I would also bring “Bottom Line's Superfoods Rx”, which would be excellent for information about plants on my trip. I enjoy playing the saxophone and would bring “Chamber Music” by H. Voxman to help me relax.



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