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Vet School a hit in Walpole

From Hometown Weekly:

By Daniel Curtin Hometown Weekly Reporter
Local children tested their knowledge of animals as they pet and learned about different furry and scaly critters at a vet school program in Walpole last Thursday.
Wicked Cool for Kids, in association with the Walpole Recreation Department, offered the vet school, which allowed participants to get up close and personal with various animals. Kids in the program had the opportunity to pet everything from a soft little rabbit to a smooth, scaly American alligator.
“I get as excited as the kids to see the animals,” said Coleman Lunt, who worked as an education consultant at the camp. “I think it's a very unique program because for the kids interested in animals, it is an alternative. It gets them interested in a field they might like, [and it’s] at an early age.”


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