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Triangle, Inc. Announces New Partnership with WCFK!

Wicked Cool for Kids (WCFK) is a Stoneham-based company that has specialized in customized enrichment programs in science, art, and technology for kids in New England since 2007. They develop fun and engaging science lessons, pack experiment kits for each student, and train instructors to run the classes.

In 2013, the demand for WCFK programs doubled. With this sudden spike in interest and not enough employees to keep up, Director Barb Johnson reached out to Triangle, Inc., a provider in career and employment services for people with disabilities, for qualified candidates. After speaking with an Employment Specialist, Triangle, Inc. was able to identify four career-seeking participants interested in working at WCFK.

Dipti, Kelly, Tim, and You Zhen work at Wicked Cool for Kids two days per week, packing experiment kits for the hundreds of educational programs that run throughout New England. When asked how they liked working at WCFK, they all agreed that they enjoy the work because it is peaceful and relaxing, yet interesting because of the fast paced environment and everchanging curriculum.

Every six weeks, WCFK creates a new curriculum, which means new kits need to be assembled. With the summer season coming up, demand for the programs is expected to increase by 400%. As a result, Barb is ready to increase employee hours to keep up.

When asked about the new hires, Barb told us that her only regret is that they did not do it sooner. “They work so efficiently and so well as a team. If you ask any one of my office staff, every single one will say that this is the best decision that we’ve made in a few years.”

For more information on how to partner with us, please visit

About Triangle, Inc. – Since 1971, Triangle, Inc. has provided the support, challenge, and opportunity people with disabilities need to move forward toward more independent, fulfilling lives. This past year Triangle, Inc. provided innovative career skills, abuse prevention, and leadership development services for over 3,700 people from 105 Southern New England communities.



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